Zozi Paul Chizawinja – Biography


Zozi Paul Chizawinja are my names!
Born in a family of 2girls and second child! I am aged 21years!
I am a model, I love Fashion and Advocacy! Though I developed love and desire to model at an early age I didn’t then understand the ability it held which can allow penetration in the benefit to the audience especially if I am an advocating model!

My first love is being A people’ solution indirectly or directly ! My happiness lays in seding people happy and that resorted to my being Tagged as ‘Mediator’ mine is to stand in between people’ problems and their solutions they need ! and through Modeling ! I will create a platter for everyone to get their voices heard! I speak against sexual abuse! Against Discrimination over the male gender, GBV etc-I run with a movement called Better Men Better Future(Advocacy).

I love to bring out creativity in fashion as much I can! I love to wear what has never been by anyone else that prompts me to use my creativity and whole self to help bring out the life that I and others are to put in the fashion world!

I am An upcoming model and your support will help me get to were I want us to get! I do this for the people around! Yes remember? I am a ‘Mediator’
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