Suffix – Biography


Suffix is a solo hip hop artist under the management of Letswai .

Aubrey G.Ghambi is a Malawian rapper based in the city of Blantyre. Running with the stage name, “Suffix” – he proves that dynamite definitely comes in small packages only because of the Man at work behind the scenes. Though Suffix uses rhyme schemes and bar structures to go about his Father’s business, he will quickly let you know that he is a Christian before he is a rapper.

He’s a simple dude who enjoys playing soccer in his free time. Suffix raps in English and Chichewa, and even if you can’t understand either of the two – he’s rhythm and flow be sure to make statement.  Suffix uses music to have conversations with people he will probably never meet on subject matters they’d probably never talk about in person. He continues to learn much about life in Christ and is compelled to share these truths with others on and off a stage or record single.


Suffix came to salvation in 2011 – the same year he was introduced to “Christian Hip Hop”. Though he wrote a few rap songs indicative of his new lifestyle, he took a break to become acquainted with the Lord and grow strong in his faith.

Welcome to a new chapter of a story written by an infallible Author, may your interactions with the music and the man be great, but your encounter with his Maker be even greater.