Shadaya Zaher – Biography


Shadaya Zaher is a singer, songwriter, actress, host, and model. She was born in the capital of Zambia, Lusaka. Shadaya’s mother is Zambian with an Indian background whereas her father is Lebanese but lived in Zambia most of his life. She was born on the 16thof March 1995. Shadaya has 3 sisters (2 of which are half and one older than her) and one brother.

Shadaya has always loved singing since the age of 10. She always loved being that diva and compared herself to those in music videos.


She then began singing just randomly where she discovered, she actually had a voice along with her family members that told her she could sing too. Shadaya, originally known as “Shadia” is an Arabic name that means “she sings”. Shadaya says that none of her family members sing and wonders where she gets it from.

Shadaya did her IGCSE course in 2011 but was not pleased with her results for as much she loves music but mentions that she seems to understand in detail now without further explanation from the teacher. She then started recording songs here and there and tried out her passion. She loved it and was willing to sleep in the studio to finish her songs.

Shadaya managed to pick up a minor fan base that enjoyed her music but it wasn’t fully promoted to her expectations. She then recorded a song titled “Oxygen” which she featured with one of the biggest artists in Zambia known as “Petersen Zagaze”. This helped her gain a bigger fan base in her home, Zambia.


She then took a break from music as she left to study in Malaysia because she felt the need to study and focus on her education. However, Shadaya recorded another song that she felt was not much of a hit. And by that, it demotivated her, and felt she’d rather get her degree in hospitality.

In 2014, Shadaya took a short break from music, but in 2015, music quickly found her and she was ready to record again and get back into the music industry where she was part of crystal ball entertainment. A month later, a huge record deal in Zambia called Transblasts Entertainment had shown interest in Shadaya and decided to try her out by doing a song titled ‘Deadline’ ft Mic Burner. She has done a vocal training course and says she feels like her lungs are fully open and just wants to sing more to the world.


Shadaya has been cooking up some new singles in the studio trying to compile an E.P that she states will be called “23” explaining everything in her life from when she was born.

She’s back with a brand new single called “Bad Energy” on which she speaks against the Pull Him Down syndrome. Shadaya released the video for her single “Bad Energy”. The Music Video was directed by Fanon Kabwe and shot on locations in Cape Town, South Africa. Her music video was premiered on MTV Base, a development that has motivated the 23-year-old talented performer.

Shadaya drops her new song titled “Runtown” featuring one of Nigeria’s most talented female artistsWaje that paved the way for African female musicians. Her hit single is already enjoying massive airplay on radio stations locally and abroad.


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