Da Exodus – Biography


Da Exodus born name Alexander Salim Sinyangwe Jr II; Born in a family of four, two brothers and one sister, Da Exodus celebrates his birth on 5th March. A vibrant rapper born and raised in a Christian home. The journey of Christianity has been a long stretch, with a lot of potholes on the way, and the only safe haven has been the house of the Lord (Church). Being born in a christian home has made it possible for Da Exodus to stay rooted in the Christianity faith over the years, until he reached the realisation that only serving the Lord is the way forward. He has been gifted with numerous skills, Rapping, Writing songs, Singing; with these skills at hand, he thought it best to reach out in the world as the voice of liberation hence the name ‘Da Exodus.”

He is deeply rooted in the word(gospel) and he is seeing music(art) as a medium to disseminate the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world.

Initially, Da Exodus is a Christian with the ability to preach the gospel through the use of rap as a talent, and he started singing at a tender age, and as far as he can remember, music has been a force in his life from inception. Da Exodus officially took up music in 2019 with the first track called “Chombo Cha Noah” in which He featured a talented singer by the name of ABU Abraham. The first track had massive response as it also had a official musical video. In his journey as a music lover, there are a number of individuals who have played vital roles in motivating the artist to take music seriously. Among the many iconic people from the international scene include Lecrae, Da Truth, Trip Lee, Shai Linne, Bizzle, KB, T-Bone, Andy Mineo etc. From the local industry, Pompi, Mag44, Church, Jozi Jay, Damiano Mwana Mfumu, etc.

The dream embedded in the artist is to reach as many people as possible with this message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that many people can come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Apart from the mission of the Cross of Calvary, the artist has a dream of working with many prominent artists like Chileshe Bwalya, Franciar, Aaron, Yellow Dove, Solomon Plate, 1Faith, Kanji, Church Ulukuta, Tio Manson, Israel, Nalu, etc. The artist is motivated by a number of factors including the passion to serve the Lord, the passion for other people in the world, being the voice for the voiceless, and the ability to work with other artists to enrich the genres of Gospel music.

In addition, Da Exodus is passionate about the underprivileged and this music is also working as a channel for him to reach out to the people who are underprivileged, broken-hearted, plagued with various catastrophes and calamities and hence give a message of encouragement for such people. Furthermore, Da Exodus is grateful to a number of people who have played critical parts in his career, and thereby help him reach where he is currently, a few on the List include, Dazzling It Big Music Manager, Lawyerboy, Tunez Music Records Producer and Artist David Floyd, His Siblings, his parents and guardians and the friends within his circle who believed in him despite the world being against him.

Most importantly, he gives God Almighty the praise and gratitude for everything He has done in His life, from childhood until this Time of his life and career, God is the cornerstone for this.